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5 person safari tent


5 person safari tent

Your safari tent is suitable for no less than 5 people.

Your safari tent is furnished with sturdy wooden furniture. You feel right at home.

Your safari tent is wonderfully spacious so that you have enough space with your whole family. A day less good weather is no problem at all. The tent is very high; even a very tall guy does not have to bend down. The large living room has a generous six-person picnic table and a large closet. The large covered veranda of at least 12 square meters has a lounger and two chairs. There is even room to put the picnic table here as well. Your safari tent has two lockable bedrooms with 1 double bed, a bunk bed and 1 single bed, complete with single duvets.

The kitchen area is fully equipped with a gas appliance, fridge with freezer, kettle, coffee maker, pans, crockery, and so on. You will find everything you need to make a delicious meal or snack.

Our safari tents are on a raised deck, so you will not be bothered by mud or sand.

There is electricity in both bedrooms and in the living room. All areas are equipped with lighting.

Also view our Inventory list.

Stand in the sleeping area;

1x double bed mattress size; 140x200cm.
1x bunk bed mattress size: 90x200cm.
1x single bed mattress size 90x200cm.
5x single duvets size: 140x200cm.
5x pillow.

There is NO bed linen available!

Baby camping beds, baths and high chairs can be reserved in advance.



Kitchen inventory list


  • kitchen sink with gas stove
  • fridge with freezer
  • gas bottle


  • 6x glass 35cl
  • 6x tea / coffee cup 23cl
  • 6x glass 17cl
  • 6x wine glass
  • 6x plastic cup


  • 6x dinner plate
  • 6x breakfast plate
  • 6x white dish
  • 6x plastic plate
  • 6x plastic dish


  • 6x cutlery spoon, knife, fork
  • 6x plastic children's cutlery
  • 5 piece kitchenware
  • knife block with 5 knives


  • can opener
  • whisk
  • cheese slicer
  • corkscrew
  • pizza cutter
  • vegetable peeler
  • garlic press


  • frying pan small
  • frying pan large
  • wok pan
  • saucepan with lid
  • saucepan small without lid
  • saucepan large with lid


  • coffee machine
  • kettle or whistling kettle


  • cutting board
  • colander
  • measuring jug
  • teapot
  • thermos
  • 2 storage boxes
  • scissors
  • 3 coasters
  • tray
  • serving dish stainless steel
  • 6x placemats


  • sink
  • dish rack
  • dishwashing brush
  • cleaning supplies
  • bucket of dustpan and dustpan
  • broom
  • doormat
  • jerry can
  • Furniture inventory list
  • 1x single bed 90 / 200cm
  • 1x bunk bed 90 / 200cm
  • 1x double bed 140 / 200cm
  • 5x single duvet 140 / 200cm
  • 5x pillows
  • 5x cushion protector
  • 4x mattress protector


  • standing lamp with reading lamp in the sleeping area with a double bed
  • reading lamp in sleeping area
  • 2x hanging lamp
  • 2x chair on veranda
  • 1x lounger with mat
  • picnic table
  • 4/6 decorative cushions


  • pegs
  • drying rack
  • jerry can
  • fire blanket
  • Dutch socket
  • wardrobe bedroom
  • shelving living area
  • garbage can
  • garbage can

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